ARES Design: One of the most exciting things to happen to the automotive industry in a long time

August 31, 2017


Dany Bahar is the founder and CEO of ARES Design, a coachbuilding company making waves in the high-end automotive industry. With its new factory opened in Modena, Italy, in 2018 the company is rolling out many exciting models in 2017 and 2018. Drawing both inspiration and talent from the region and the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.


What excites you the most about ARES today?

ARES has defined a complete new approach to automotive individuality and has created a niche for itself mainly because it doesn’t give any limitations to the customers in designing and defining his own car.

Why are ARES cars different?

ARES cars are different because they are one of its kind. They’re never produced twice. They are all individual items designed by the customer’s themselves. As coachbuilders ARES helps our customers realize their dreams.


The 824bhp ARES XRaid 003, based on a Mercedes G63, as defined and designed by the customer.

Which is the best car ARES has ever built?

The best car ARES has ever produced is the next one to be produced.

What is the company's biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge, and something we are getting better at, is that it’s easy to underestimate the customer’s creativity and their willingness to go beyond borders once they recognize what they are looking for.


The ARES JCB Defender - deliveries starting in October

Which car are you excited about today?

The most exciting car for me today is the ARES JCB Edition Defender. It will be a landmark car  among Defender modifications. It’s a tough, competitive market as Defender modifications have been done for 30-40/ Literally hundreds of versions have been done. We have taken a different approach and we are excited about starting to deliver cars from the month of October and onwards.

Why Modena?

We are in Modena, Italy for many reasons. One for the main reasons is that the region is perfectly represented in any ARES product. It’s one of the worldwide centers for high-end car manufacturing. Many top-line suppliers in the world are here, and so are many of my contacts and connections., and I personally spend a lot of time here. The region perfectly reflects the ARES lifestyle with it’s beauty, fine dining, racing heritage and of course sublime automotive engineering talent - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati are all here.

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