Land Rover Defender Snow - Ares Design

Ares Design for Land Rover Defender

The ARES Land Rover Defender is an extreme expression of the 4×4, offering power, poise, luxury and panache in one stunning package.

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X-Raid black front summer - Ares Design 52


ARES DESIGN has used the G63 as the basis for its stunning reimagining of the luxury off-roader, the ARES X-Raid.

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[titel]Mercedes-Benz V-Class - Front - Ares Design

Ares Design for Mercedes-Benz V class

If client mobility in discreet luxury is a top priority then ARES DESIGN’s customised Mercedes-Benz V Class has the perfect blend of abilities.

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ARES Panther - Ares Design 4

ARES Panther

Conceived and designed as the first example of ARES DESIGN’s ‘Bespoke Creations’ service, its Project ‘Panther’ is a comprehensive modern reimagining of the iconic 1970s Pantera.

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Corvette Sting Ray - Ares Design

ARES DESIGN FOR Corvette Sting ray

Based on the C2 Corvette this 1964 example has been the subject of a painstaking restoration to a better than new standard yet incorporates all the performance and trappings associated with a modern Corvette.

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Ares Design for Bentley Mulsanne Coupé - Ares Design 9

Ares Design for Bentley Mulsanne Coupé

In the finest tradition of handcrafted bespoke coach-building ARES DESIGN has crafted this stunning two-door Bentley Mulsanne Coupe, based on Bentley’s four-door saloon.

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Ares Design for Porsche GT3 Targa - Ares Design 11

Ares Design for Porsche GT3 Targa

The brief for ARES was to effectively manufacture a GT3 RS Targa, offering both the looks and the performance of the GT3.

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Project Wami Red Front - Ares Design

Project „Wami“

ARES DESIGN’s Project Wami is currently in the development stage but from its computer renderings and CAD design it’s clear to see that this will be one of the most enticing Roadsters ever made.

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Project "Pony" - Ares Design 16

Project „Pony“

ARES DESIGN has chosen to recreate the iconic Ferrari 412 for the modern era.

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Porsche 964 - Ares Design 18


For its Porsche 964 Targa the design brief for ARES was to reimagine what a modern-era incarnation of the classic model would be like.

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