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Project 1

Project 1

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Conceived and designed as the first example of ARES DESIGN’s ‘Legends Reborn’ service, its Project 1 is a comprehensive modern reimagining of the iconic 1970s Pantera. It will be exquisitely constructed from carbon fibre and will have a unique mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering and manufacturing technologies.

ARES Panther - Ares Design 1

The basis for the conversion – ARES DESIGN’s clients’ donor cars – will be one of today’s most revered Italian supercars, powered by a 5204cc naturally aspirated V10 that develops 640-660hp and 560Nm of torque. The original Pantera and the modern-day donor cars share broadly similar dimensions. The donor is considerably wider, but with a wheelbase that is only 12 centimetres longer than the original Pantera it is an ideal basis for the transformation.

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Engine type: V10
Displacement [cc]: 5204
Power [hp]: 640-660
Torque [Nm]:> 560

Transmission: LDF four-wheel drive
Suspension: Double wishbone architecture
Brakes: Brembo six-piston callipers, carbon ceramic discs
Wheels: ARES forged aluminium, 20-inch (front), 21-inch (rear)
Tyres: 255/30 R20 (front), 325/25 R21 (rear)
Maximum speed [km/h]: 325

Engine: Electronic control unit upgrade, sport cats and downpipes

Ares Brown Panther - Ares Design


The design of the Project 1 has undergone extensive CFD modelling to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency and stability.



All body parts have been manufactured in high quality carbon fibre. Complete upgrade of pop-up headlight bucket system with full LED technology.

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  • Fully customised based on customer’s design request.
  • Handcrafted artisan interior panels in carbon fibre and leather.
  • Custom made Nappa leather and Alcantara interior and upholstery inserts.
Ares Panther Interior Black - Ares Design

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